Solar Power Lights are a family-owned and run business. We are lighting experts with over 20 years’ experience and specialize in selling and installing solar power lights. We help lighten up your pathways, front gardens, backyards, and driveways. Our small and friendly team is committed to quality, and we are driven by delivering the best and most personalized solutions to our clients across Australia.

We appreciate the free source of energy available to us in the form of sunlight, and we believe in utilizing this energy to the fullest to reduce our long-term electricity costs. We thus spend time understanding and discussing our client requirements in detail. As a result, our customized lighting solutions help lighten up around your home in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way.

The solar power lights, get charged during the day by using solar energy, storing the energy in the solar cell, charging the battery inside, and illuminating in the night. These solar power lights are suitable for all types of property, whether business or commercial properties or homes in the city or rural.

The solar lights are easy to install, does not require any digging in the garden, and can be done with little or no prior experience as we send them with detailed instructions. But if you still need help or do not have enough time to install them, consider our installation services at a minimal price. We are only a call away and happy to reach out to you anywhere within Victoria.

We offer special rates for our customers and encourage them to buy solar power lights to lighten up around their house at a fraction of the cost. The solar power lights are bright and can instantly lift your mood. Being creative during installation can elevate the look and feel of the front yard in the night!

We care about your safety and sell great quality sensor solar lights that get activated on detecting movements in the surrounding. These lights act as great intruder deterrent and help in clearly seeing the pathways.  The solar power lights do not require any electrical wiring and are safe for use around the house. We also check every item before sending them out to ensure that only the best quality is delivered to you each time.

The solar lights are a fun way to lighten up outdoors and great for our environment! Please call us to discuss how we can help you.

We have recently helped Maya install the solar lights around her house, and here is what she says:

“The solar lights in the garden are bright and welcoming when I return home after work. Also, the solar lights in my back yard help me relax as I enjoy the view from my bedroom before going to bed. They are fantastic and don’t cost me anything. Thanks, Paul, for your advice and help.”

Traditional Wall Light with Motion Sensor