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UV Stabilised Components

Our beloved Australian sun is both a blessing and a curse. Most non-metal component of electronics left outside for extended periods of time are often destroyed by our Sun’s harsh UV.

With our UV stabilised components, your solar lights will survive in our sun year-in, year-out without:  FADING CRACKING CRUMBLING

This is especially important for the protective layers on the solar cells themselves, which in lesser products can go “hazy” and limit the amount of light reaching the cells.


Very few lighting companies have dared to mount LEDs directly to the circuit  board… But we do! Why?

Improves Mechanical Strength

The LED chips are directly mounted to the circuit board, they’re physically supported by the board strength – meaning that as they heat up and cool down, they’re not going to warp and crack. This means our products will comfortably give a life span of 20,000 to 100,000

Improves Dispersion Strength

Traditional LEDs designs send most of their light straight ahead, so the dispersion angles are generally in the region of 45o to 60o. Surfacemounted LEDs aren’t constrained by these outdated designs, so can achieve a dispersion angle of up to 160o. The result is more even lighting in all directions

Improves Thermal Transfer

Heat generated by the LED chips is transferred to the circuit board, rather than having to be dealt with by the LED itself. This means the LEDs can be run brighter and for longer periods without thermal stress destroying them.