Fun Facts About Solar Energy


Most of us are well aware of the benefits of solar energy. We have read, heard and seen its practical uses in our everyday life. But in this article, we would like to unveil some fun facts about solar energy. We recommend you to continue reading till the end to find how many of these you did not know!

The power of solar energy is available to all of us and it can be harnessed at a much lower cost than those generated using fossil fuels like coal. This energy can be used to power solar sensor lights, solar panels, and others. But did you know:

Fact 1: Electricity generated using solar energy is eco-friendly and a clean form of electricity as it does not produce sound, air or chemical pollution.

Fact 2: Every hour 430 quintillion Joules (430 *1018) of solar energy enters the Earth’s surface. This amount of energy is far more than the total consumption of all the countries across the world in a year.

Fact 3: The ocean absorbs nearly 90% of the solar energy emitted by the sun. On the contrary, more than 80% of solar energy gets reflected from the ice surface back to space.

Fact 4: The cost of producing solar power is $50 per megawatt-hour as compared to coal costing $102 per megawatt-hour. So, you know that its time that we change to a renewable form of  energy.

Fact 5: China tops the list of top 10 solar-powered nations followed by the USA in the 2nd and Japan in the 3rd position. Australia ranks 8th in the list after the United Kingdom.

Fact 6: We can use solar power to heat water, dry clothes and generate electricity and use this free form of renewable energy to cook, dry and pasteurize our food as well. This means most of our household jobs can be done at a fraction of cost by replacing the electricity powered by coal.

Fact 7: The clouds floating at higher altitude reflects the sun rays into space, thus keeping the Earth’s atmosphere cool. On the contrary, the clouds at a lower level that is close to the Earth absorbs the heat from the sun rays and warm up the surface.

While we have an abundance of free and clean energy to utilize, we should all endeavor and harness the solar energy to power up our daily energy needs thus replacing the coal-generated electricity provided by the grid for a better, healthier and cleaner world!