40W Portable Lighting System with 6 LED Lights

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40W Solar Powered Portable Lighting System.

Custom designed and engineered to adequately illuminate 6 x 3W T5 LED Tube lights (supplied with kits) simultaneously with 2 x 5A USB outlets suitable for charging your mobile phone or any other portable device.

Whether it be flexible access to electricity while camping, or some lighting whilst 4-Wheel Driving, the possibilities are endless with this compact and convenient kit.

With a purpose-built enclosure housing the High Capacity Lead Acid Batteries and Circuit Control Board weighing 9.5kg and measuring only 215mm long x 180mm wide x 155mm high, there is no other system like it on the market.

Supplied complete with 40W, 18V Polycrystalline Solar Panel and 6 x 3W T5 LED Tube lights